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The Applicant(s) agree(s) that the information shown on this application is complete and accurate and that the Applicant(s) is/are over 18 years of age.
I/we agree that upon acceptance of this application by the landlord, I/we shall forthwith enter into a Tenancy Agreement upon the above terms, upon the Landlord's usual form, in which event a deposit shall be applied towards the last month's rent.
Once approved by the Landlord or his Agent, if I/We should fail to enter upon such Tenancy Agreement, then in addition to any other rights accruing to the Landlord, I/We agree that the deposit shall be forgeited. I/We hereby authorize the Landlord or his Agent to obtain such factual and investigative information regarding me/us from others, more specifically the Credit Bureau in the city in which the Applicant(s) reside(s) as well as the Applicant's bank, as permitted by law, to furnish other consumer credit grantors and credit bureau particulars of the rental application and subsequent rental/credit experience, if applicable, and to retain this application for the Landlord's records. The Applicant(s) are advised that it is their responsibility to obtain insurance coverage in a sufficient amount for liability and on personal contents in the rental unit against
fire, theft and water damage. Under no circumstances is the Landlord responsible for this coverage.

Click on the "I agree" button if you agree with all the terms of the agreement you have just read. Click on the "I disagree" button if you are not in acceptance with some or all of the terms you have just read.

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